Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Forgot a Depressing Movie!

Back when I made my post on the really great depressing movies I forgot one that I remembered tonight. It's the wonderfully depressing Last House on the Left. Now I don't mean the most recent one because while it's semi-depressing at least it does have a little bit of a different ending. I mean the one in 1972. It's totally cheesy now but it's one of those movies I only have seen twice because it's that darn sad.

Now just in case you've never seen it and plan to, I am posting spoilers about it so you've been warned. I figure if you haven't seen it by now you really don't care to and hey, it's not the kind of movie for everyone.

So anyway, to me it's so depressing because although the parents get their form of retribution, the girls still died. I mean all they wanted was some pot and for that they get raped and murdered in the most horrendous ways. I mean come on, the one girl had her guts played with by that freaky chic. How sick is that? And yeah, I have a high threshold for gore but this is one of those that grossed me out because I'm emotionally invested in these two girls. I have a very low threshold for emotions. Come on, I cry at those Sarah McLachlan ASPCA ads! And honestly, I have a hard time with some of the Asian and French horror since they are so gory but give me extreme gore and emotions? This one has both.

I loved the remake and it wasn't quite as gory. Seems to me that the 70's movies are even more gory contrary to what you may think. Just an observation and all but some of them are and this is a prime example. Now the rape scene was pretty intense and when we saw it at the theater this one family walked out but come on, did you not know what the movie was about when you bought tickets? Perhaps not. Anyway, this goes on that list that I made a while back which can be accessed from the link above.

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