Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Understanding Hosting, etc

I have customers that when I use examples, it helps them understand hosting, domains, etc. The best way I've tried to explain is this:

Hosting: Let's say you have a house but need land. The house is yours but I'm am letting you rent on my land. That is the hosting.

Domain transfers: You own the name but it's moving to where I host. So you are moving your house address to my land. It remains the same address but a new location. (that one doesn't make as much sense LOL)

Redoing sites that are already done: Let's say someone did a site for you but now you want me to take over. I understand you may have paid someone else but it's not as simple as just taking it over and pushing a button. Let's say you have a house filled with furniture. Once you move to my neighborhood, your house is empty. You have the furniture but it's all out in the yard. That's similar to moving your site. Someone still has to put that furniture (data, pics, etc) in your house (website).

As you can tell, I like using the house examples but it makes it easier sometimes. I once had an issue with a person who took over a business from the people I originally worked with. They didn't understand why they had to pay for hosting because what I had done to the site lately? I tried to explain that the hosting is like rent. Anyway, I hope that helps out.

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