Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Upgraded to 3.1.2 on iPhone

I took the plunge and did the new jailbreak myself tonight. I could have gotten someone to do it for me and even upgrade to 4.0 but they are all in Destin, etc. I sure wish I could do this for everyone because obviously there's no one advertising in Panama City.

Anyway, it was a beast but I did it. I had to install a firmware file, add that via iTunes, download Blackra1n, that had an error so had to fix that but first I had already down the firmware upload and got scared to death when my phone was now locked. Yikes! So I fixed Blackra1n and let it rain. Whew, my iPhone was now upgraded.

But wait! Then I had to call T-Mobile to have them fix my settings back so I had data (Internet). Okay did that. Now YouTube doesn't hook up. Okay so now I have to install Push Fix. I did it and ran it and that works.

After all that, I can now use apps that require the 3.1.2 firmware. This means stuff like bar code scanners (super cool where you scan anything in a store and it gives you lowest prices in your location), the police scanner I wanted, the MySpace app, etc and while I was there I re-downloaded Winterboard and found this nifty theme below. Now my phone looks like a vending machine! That's not a picture of my phone by the way; I left all of my icons in there that looked like vending machine stuff. :)

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