Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I have a few "why" questions.

-Why do people hate Nickleback? I kind of like their music and yeah I know, now everyone will despise me for saying that.

-Why do guys say goodbye super fast when it takes girls 30 minutes? I was talking on Facebook with two friends that were guys. Both wrote the usual "I better head for bed" kind of statement and before I could type, "Goodnight. Glad you said hello." they were gone. Poof! Now if I'd been talking to my friend Donna we would have said goodbye for 30 more minutes. Kind of like, "Okay I should go. OMG wait did you hear what happened to such and such?" See the difference? Same goes with the phone. A guy will say bye and hang up. A girl will discuss it for another hour.

-Why is my back flaring up and how come if I had a prescription for pain meds in the US it'd cost me $11 for 30 pills but if I want them from Canada without a prescription it's $75? I guess the whole convenience of no prescription explains the cost difference but wow. So if anyone wants to sponsor my pain meds, feel free. LOL

-Why do I get overwhelmed with my to-do list when I'm the one who made the list? Most of the things will take 10 minutes tops but I see all of those words on paper and think, "Boy do I have a lot to do!" I should not make such a long list but ask Rich, I'm all about the lists.

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