Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My First Drop/Add Ever

I just did my first drop/add ever since my entire college career and you all know how long that career has been! I accidentally took a forensics class again. The last time I tried to take forensics is was this huge disaster. Not only did I find out that it was a Masters Degree class, it also had tons of math and formulas and just a bunch of number badness. To my credit, I did make like a 50 in there so I was only half bad. It's the only class I have made less than a B or so in at Florida State. Okay, I might have made a C before but still. They did let me make it into a withdrawal so I don't have a failing grade on my record. So when I found out today I was sitting smack dab in the middle of forensics, I left after break, came home and dropped it. I added another class instead. I found some awesome classes that are independent study but I have to have permission for those and will wait till the spring to try to take one.

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