Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nubz Dental Treats

My dogs love treats but that's just silly because what dog doesn't? Nubz Dental Treats are from Nylabone and they have highly digestible natural ingredients; I think that's very important, especially with Blitz and his sensitive tum-tum. They also help clean your dog's teeth, promote fresh breath (what dog doesn't need a tic tac?), reduce tarter and help keep their gums healthy.

Not only are they made in the USA, Nubz are made with real chicken, with no added sugar, salt, or preservatives. I love that they're all natural and can help my dogs with a nice treat that is safe and easy on their tummies. They're also gluten free and get this, 18 Large size bones can break into 36 smaller treats so I can have a bigger treat for the twins and a smaller one for Swan!

You can find Nubz at Costco and if you're a Costco member you get a $3.50 coupon valid August 19th – September 12th (Hurry while supplies last).

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