Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vera Wang Shoes

I know some of you will hate these but I love them! I first saw them on some of the VH1 shows and then on Big Brother and while I'm not 20, I think you can wear nice shoes no matter what your age. Besides, I got carded 3 years ago!

Anyway, these are Vera Wang shoes and I got them at an unbelievable price. They were normally $59 or $69 (I'm too lazy to go get the box and look) We had a Kohl's $10 gift card and since Rich used the $10 JC Penny one, I took the Kohl's card.

These were on sale for $17.99. I think it's a summer markdown but I'm not sure since Kohl's had the most awful shoe display tonight with stuff all crazy stocked. Anyway, with the $10 off I got these for $7.99 and it was tax free day so I didn't even pay taxes.

Now I could try to impress you with my Vera Wang shoes but most people in this economy would rather read about a great deal rather than someone trying to be impressive and for now, my days of $80 shoes are on hold so I love getting a great bargain.

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