Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Conversation About Zombies

Today we were headed to the wolf preserve (a whole post on that coming soon after the pictures are ready) and after Southport (locals will know where that is) we had no cell service. Here's a conversation we had:

Me: WTF am I supposed to do if there was a zombie attack? I have no cell service!

Rich: I think a cell phone is the last thing you'd need.

Me: Why? I'd need to call the authorities.

Rich: Why? Everything would be shot to hell, why would you call the police? You'd need guns.

Me: But not if we were the first to see them! We'd need to tell the others and how am I going to do that without cell service out in the boonies. And how do these people that live in these areas use a cell phone?

Rich: I guess they don't.


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