Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Kindness of Photographers

I'm working on a site for abandoned places in Northwest Florida. I find abandoned buildings fascinating and love the whole urban exploration thing. I haven't done it myself much yet but it's definitely a photography hobby that both of us like. Well, since we just started we did not get photos of places like Miracle Strip being torn down or the Fiesta Motel but I found pictures online that were awesome.

Out of the four awesome photographers I wrote, all four wrote me within the same day almost, giving me permission to use their work. Jason Koertge, Cebo Campbell, Steve Sobczuk and Austin Dressman all were super nice and offered their work. I plan to give them all full credit for their gorgeous pictures when I have the site built. It's a hobby so it'll take me longer than normal.

Now we're no slackers. We actually have pictures of the old Bob Jones University before it was torn down, some Petticoat Junction stuff and a few others. I plan to go this weekend with Rich and take some more pictures of buildings around here.

I can't wait to show off these places!

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