Monday, September 13, 2010


I am overwhelmed today. I got up super early but had no sleep so went back to bed and you guessed it, I overslept. I am finishing up a site, doing some paperwork for some personal business, I have a blog post to do (this is part one), I have at least 4 articles to do for one place, a few articles at another, etc. This is not counting normal housework stuff. Oh well, I think I'd rather be too busy than have nothing to do.

On a side note, Netflix got disc 1 of Holocaust back but the post office said it wasn't opened so they sent it back to me instead of disc 2. When I called them they are fixing the mix up but now disc 2 has a wait. WTF? Did people read I was watching it and decide to rent it? It didn't have a wait before.

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