Sunday, September 12, 2010

Seacrest Wolf Preserve

Today we went to Seacrest Wolf Preserve. It's about a 40 minute drive from here and it's the most rare wolf preserve in the entire USA because nowhere else can you interact with the wolves, and I mean touch them, let them lick you and walk with them following close behind, beside you or ahead of you. Most places if you can even visit, you can't touch.

We hit a huge storm on the way but it subsided once we got to the preserve. However, you could hear thunder in the distance and like I told Rich, there's nothing like the sound of storms heard in the middle of the woods. It just sounds different. He laughed but I'm serious. It was extremely hot today but it cooled off a tad when the clouds covered the sun. The humidity was awful though.

With that said, it was a wonderful experience. There's nothing like having a wolf stand behind/over you on the logs you're sitting on or trying to lick your face. They have Gray, Arctic and British Columbian Wolves. My favorite was a black wolf named Shawnee. She's just a few months old and spoiled rotten. She tried to jump on me but they won't allow it really. I didn't mind at all! I can't remember what kind she is but she's in the first den with all the "friendlier" wolves. The other dens have wolves that are friendly too but have less interaction with you. They're more indifferent to your presence.

After the wolves we went to the smaller animal part where there are raccoons you can feed, arctic foxes you can pet, turkey, lambs, and skunks you can hold.

We do not have our pictures yet because the only time you can use digital cameras is in the small animal area. With the wolves you have to use disposable cameras. We are so not used to that. So they are at Walmart waiting to be developed. Once I have those we'll post them.

If you do visit you must wear long pants, closed toe shoes and no jewelry, ribbons, etc.; nothing the wolves could steal as a toy.

I highly recommend a visit if you're nearby and if not, please donate money to help out.

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