Saturday, October 23, 2010

Glee GQ Photo Shoot

It seems that the Parents Television Council is up in arms about the Glee photo shoot for GQ. They say that it's too risque and bordering on pedophilia. I disagree. First of all, the two girls in the photo (Dianna Agron and Lea Michelle) are both 24 years old. Corey Monteith is 28. None of these actors are even close to being a high school student and honestly, if you want to get down to the bare facts (I made a pun) pedophilia is defined as a person who has interest in prepubescent children and that means they're under the age of 13. So my point is, it's a photo shoot people. They're not kids, they're not even high school students; they're actors that are all over the age of 21. Here's the main picture.

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