Monday, October 18, 2010

Modern Furniture

Beginning in the late 1900's, furniture that has been inspired by modernism has been referred to as modern furniture. This new design of furniture has far surpassed pre-existing designs. Succeeding furniture with brilliant simplicity and glittering metals has surpassed the look of vibrant patterns, gilded and dark wooden structures. Styles which were loud have since been replaced with more uncomplicated designs.


Initially furniture was developed to act more like an ornament rather than a functional item. The great detail and lengthy creation of the piece would in turn reflect the value of the item as well as the demand. New ideals were implemented in the early 20th century where focus we repositioned on to functionality and access. Tradition and linage was the main feel of the design by most western designers. The modern movement brought the feel of new looks and feels based more with present and future times.
There were a number of influences' with modern furniture design. More innovative and technical methods and materials where just a few of the ideas that came from the Werkbund and Bauhaus Schools, this was thought to be due to the influence of the exotic foreign nature perhaps from Art Nouveau, as well, obviously from the intense open mindedness and creativity of the designers themselves.

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