Monday, October 18, 2010

Overheard Around the House

Tonight we were watching The Amazing Race and they were in the Arctic Circle. There was this caribou there and here is the conversation:

Me: How come that caribou has all those horns? There must be like 10 of them!

Rich: It's a 6 Point Caribou.

Me: No it's not, it's not a deer! Those aren't the same thing and you can't trick me.

Rich: It is too, and you call yourself a southerner.

Me: I have seen heads mounted on walls and none of them had all those horns like the Antichrist or something. I bet that caribou is the Antichrist. Besides, we don't hunt caribou in the south. 

Rich: It is too, it's not like a reindeer you know.

Me: I'm going to Google this later.

Here is the only picture I could find that was close to what I'm talking about. See the antlers? They're not like regular antlers, there's multiple ones. I still say it ain't right, that caribou.

PS when I did Google it one of the search terms was right underneath the amazing race and it was the amazing racist. Is that some kind of show or is there some kind of amazing racist somewhere out there that is Google'd quite often? Do people mean to type amazing race and just let their racist tendencies take over? I am perplexed on this one.

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