Friday, October 1, 2010

Pebble Shower

This is the coolest thing ever, you can do your shower flooring in pebbles! Natural stones are used for the pebble shower and no two stones are alike in size and shape so what it does is naturally massage your feet. Along with that, it makes your shower look luxurious and expensive yet you can do it yourself without any special techniques.

The pebble flooring can be created in just a few hours. The stones are glued onto mesh backing that measures twelve by twelve inches and here's a great thing, they are durable and eco-friendly. They don't show scratches and this style of pebbles are recycled and come in sheets and loose pebbles allowing you to add color to the final product. 

I think this is a unique and innovative idea that can add real personality to your shower. Considering that you get an eco-friendly product that you can do yourself but looks expensive and can be customized to your particular color choices how can you go wrong?

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