Saturday, October 2, 2010

Things Heard Around the House

Yeah there's more but this is just for today!

I can't believe they only showed Sharktopus once! I can't find it.
This was on last weekend and Rich fell asleep. Now he is obsessed in finding it. Could be the jealousy talking because I saw Sharktopus swimming when he was asleep. There's a nifty trailer attached to that link. Oddly, we can't find a repeat. Are the folks at SyFy making us wait so that we'll be dying to see it once it re-airs?

Who peed on the grill?
That was Rich again but I'm pretty sure he was talking to the dogs.

I can't believe you and your boss still find my zombie cell phone service theory funny. 
That's me because Rich told his boss about me saying that we'd need cell phone reception in case of a zombie attack. They seem to find it funny. We'll see who is laughing when I call for help or to warn the others. That is, if I have cell phone reception.

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