Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ways to Stay Safe Traveling (Horror Movie Style)

I love horror movies. I've watched them and loved them since I was a little girl. Seriously! I saw the Exorcist when I was 6 or so. My point is, I've learned a lot from those horror movies and I want to share.

If you are in a foreign country, most likely somewhere in Europe or the Caribbean, don't go to a party offered by a stranger. I don't care if he is cute! Either it's some kind of trap like in Hostel or Train or you'll get lost along the way and end up at some guy's house who wants to make you a human centipede.

Don't accept anything to drink at a stranger's house, especially if he has weird art on the walls. It's probably some kind of drug.

If some stranger comes in and tells you the woods where you are staying is inhabited by Nazi zombies then perhaps you should believe him and find another vacation spot. (Dead Snow)

Watch out for new friends when you're on vacation. Although things don't usually happen like you see in the movies it's still best to watch out for supposed new friends who want to hang out with you. (Transsiberian, A Perfect Getaway)

And finally, if you are traveling by car (this only applies to travel within the country you live) then don't turn down roads that are shortcuts or stay at that nice Farmhouse you saw after you crashed your SUV.

Last but not least, if the locals tell you not to visit a certain place when you're on vacation then perhaps you'd be better off staying with the touristy places. (The Ruins)

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