Friday, October 22, 2010

What a Nightmare

I took a nap earlier because I spent all day writing articles. They're not due till Sunday but I had some others I wanted to start on. Anyway, now that I have justified my nap time, I dreamed we were on a cruise. It was me and Rich and my mom and dad stopped by to see us off. (dad passed away in 2000). So they looked at the room, etc and went home and we had to share a room with another couple but it was cool because they were super fun.

So I'm standing at this huge picture window that is in our room and saw a huge wave coming. It was so big it went over the window and I knew we were hit. The boat started shifting towards the opposite side but we were okay. Then Rich comes into the room and I see another one coming. This one is just as big and it comes through the window so that I'm sucking in water.

After the boat settles itself we go on one of the upper decks and see what we're traveling through a canal. Kind of like the Panama Canal but we were headed to Mexico. I could see normal city buildings on each side and supposedly they said the trip back wouldn't be as bad because they would re-dig the canal, this time it was not deep enough.

Weird huh? Maybe it's because I watched Titanic II the other day and they got hit by a Tsunami wave.

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