Friday, November 5, 2010

A blog on Kindle

I absolutely love my Kindle and seeing that a friend has her blog published on Kindle, well...I got to thinking and yes, I did it too. Now I realize probably no one will buy my blog but hey, if one single person does then I'm over the moon with joy. It's like I have always told Rich, I want to run for something one day just so I can see that people actually voted. I wouldn't care if I was that candidate that had 24 votes out of 700,000; it still means 24 people voted. See how I think? I think my downfall is that I do paid blog posts too but hey, I gotta make a living and believe it or not, those really help out sometimes. They may not pay as much as freelance writing but they do make for some nice change.

Anyway, maybe I'll do a blog on something exciting that has no paid posts at all and publish it later on down the line. For now, my half blog - half paid blog will have to do. Anyway, here's how it would look on Kindle.

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