Monday, December 20, 2010

America's Next Top Model

Why is it so hard to find AMNTM episodes of this last season? I missed it this year because they seem to put every show I like on Wednesday nights and for some odd reason, none of them are OnDemand either. I can't watch Modern Family, Criminal Minds, Hell's Kitchen, Law and Order SVU or AMNTM OnDemand and most of them start at 8:00 PM central on Wednesday nights. So I caught up on the others and moved stuff around but can't find AMNTM and they don't seem to release the shows on DVD anymore either. If you want to watch it online the old episodes from the beginning are gone now. If you go to some other sites I get bombarded with stupid pop ups like I'm stealing it. I tell ya, this is why people get bootleg copies of crap. Keep that in mind, AMNTM!

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