Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our fiasco

We had the biggest fiasco the other night with the city water department. Neither of our toilets would flush and Rich said it looked to be a city issue. So we called them. They came out but would not go in the neighbor's yard (where the manhole cover and all is) because said neighbors would not let them in. They checked another area and said it was our problem and to call a plumber. So we did.

Fast forward 3 hours later and the plumber said it was definitely the city. Called the city back and they would not come. Plumber called the city. Finally they come and fix it at 3 am; right after plumber left us a bill for $471. Turns out it was the city after all.

I called and the city is running it through their insurance company to investigate so hopefully we get reimbursed because no way do I have $471 just lying around, especially at Christmas.

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