Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sarah Palin Angers PETA

Ah, so what else is new? PETA is angry. Come on, whether or not you agree with her politics, hunting is how you eat meat unless you get it from a store, which gets it from a slaughterhouse. She killed a caribou and put up the meat for winter. What's wrong with that? If you eat meat at all then you have nothing to complain about. I imagine all PETA members are vegans. That's fine and dandy but don't tell everyone else how to live.

I don't hunt. However, I see nothing wrong with it. I love fresh game meat; it's way better than anything you'd find in a store. But whether or not I hunt, I see nothing wrong with it if it's done humanely and hunting is much more humane than a slaughterhouse.

I don't watch animals being killed; never could. But I know that in order to have food from them they are indeed killed. Think about that next time you have a burger or steak. 

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