Monday, January 31, 2011

Beauty is Pain?

Is that the saying? I know in order to keep up with our Health and Beauty regimens that it can be hard. I had a chemical peel on Friday and boy do those burn. However, it's very temporary at least. My face is now at the peeling part. I'll be glad when it's done because I look like I had an accident in a fire or with chemicals. I guess the end will justify the means though.


Yesterday we went to the outlet mall in Destin. I absolutely love going there and to the one in Foley. We'd go to Foley more often but it's such a long drive whereas Destin is a hop and a skip there and back. Anyway, after we shopped some we were to McGuire's to dinner and in their gift shop I found the perfect wine.

Some of you may remember that I collect unique wine like the Marilyn Merlot wins or Vampire Wines. Well, I found Big Pecker wine! It's got a parrot and a cockatoo on it, hence the pecker. :) 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Over the Hill

I love parties, even though I'm not in my twenties anymore. In fact, I could probably use some of the items at Over the Hill. They have "over the hill" merchandise for all of your party needs and what is really cool is that you can shop by decade. It doesn't matter if the birthday guy or girl is in his or her 30's or 90's; you can choose a decade!

What else is neat is that they have free party advice and ideas. Like you can bake an older than dirt or Viagra cake! There are also birthday facts and gift ideas for the birthday person. There's even free stuff. When you place an order there are free items you get sent as a surprise. In fact, they don't even tell you what it is but it's party related and hey, it's free!

So the next time you want to plan a theme party based on someone's age, you need to visit Over the Hill and check out all their helpful gift ideas, party ideas and neat things to buy.

My First Facebook Drama

I tend to talk too much and that's a problem. About 4 months ago I was mad at someone and posted some snide comment, knowing they'd never see it. This person doesn't have a computer and doesn't even know how Facebook works or anything. I still shouldn't have done it because wouldn't you know that someone told them what I said? I hate it too because it may have hurt their feelings and only caused problems when all it is was a moment of being mad and being snarky. Well, lesson learned. It is the last time I post anything that I don't want the whole world to see.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Save on Moving Costs

Moving can be expensive but if you do the packing and everything yourself it can be cheaper. Many people don’t do that because they don’t want to drive but with upack moving you take care of the packing and they take care of the driving. It’s cheaper that way and you don’t have to worry about someone else taking care of your precious belongings. It’s kind of like renting your own truck but someone else (ABF Freight) does the driving for you. All you have to worry about is packing it and then unpacking once your belongings arrive at your new home. What could be more simple?

New Fish

It's day two and my new fish are doing great. We lost one in transit but I get a credit for him. Since it's been a while since we've redone our tanks I just got mostly damsels and a couple of gobies. I don't want to put more expensive fish in there till I see how these do but so far, so good. I put in 16 fish, 4 shrimp and some snails.

I got: 3 Beau Gregory Damsels, 3  Blue Damsels, 2 Jewel Damsel - Caribbean, 3 Black and Gold Damsels, 3 Black-Tailed Dascyllus, 2 Clown Goby - Green, 3 Peppermint Shrimps and a Coral Banded Shrimp. Plus my snails.

I'll try to take pictures when I can so you can see them. The Jewel Damsels are my favorite. Here's what those look like:

Glass jewelry and Art

If you're looking for one of a kind jewelry then look no further than Dreams of Glass. Every piece is handcrafted and you can find everything from original sculptures, modern, contemporary, abstract, and wearable art such as the gorgeous Mother’s Rainbow paired with a 1.5mm Sterling Silver Box chain.

What they do is glass blowing but the type is called lamp working. Their jewelry and art pieces are created with Borosilicate Glass, also known as Pyrex. It’s glass that is resistant to scratches and very durable so you don’t have to worry about breakage and damage quite as much. To give you an example of how durable, the insulation tiles on the space shuttle are coated with the same product, borosilicate glass.

The Broken Laser aka Our Dog is Freaking Out

Last week Blitz's favorite toy broke, his laser. Some days or nights he won't even go outside unless you point the laser out there so he can chase it. I know that's obsessive behavior that should be discouraged but it's honestly hard to get him to forget it because everything he sees he thinks is the laser such as pens, etc

We finally got the new one in today from Amazon. It's one of those super strong ones that can be seen up to 12 miles. I love shining it in the sky but I promise not to try to shine it in a helicopter pilot's eyes like that one idiot did. LOL  Anyway, Blitz will be ecstatic.

Electrical Appliances

If you're looking for electrical appliances then you should check out Miele. They have everything from washers and dryers to vacuum cleaners and ovens. Anything you need for your home, they have available.

Founded in 1899, Miele is a German manufacturer of appliances and commercial equipment of the utmost quality and design. They're a family owned business and their motto has always been, "Forever Better." They are actually tested to last 20 years! You really can't top that in most appliances today.

Miele Centers are available in various places in the United Kingdom so you're sure to find a convenient one near you!

I Never Knew I Loved Dystopian Stuff

I had no idea about this whole dystopian thing but recently I bought a book I found interesting and Amazon had it tagged as dystopian. So I looked it up and it means:

Often futuristic society that has degraded into a repressive and controlled state, often under the guise of being utopian. Dystopian literature has underlying cautionary tones, warning society that if we continue to live how we do, this will be the consequence. A dystopia, thus, is regarded as a sort of negative utopia and is often characterized by an authoritarian or totalitarian form of government. 

So, books like The Hunger Games is an example. Movies like I, Robot, AI, 12 Monkeys, Gattaca, Battle Royale, Minority Report, etc Those are all examples and I love that stuff. Oh, I forgot A Handmaid's Tale (book and movie). So now I have a new favorite genre. BTW, I'm reading is Matched. I am loving is so far!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Play Poker at Home

A lot of people in the world love playing poker but can’t always get to a casino. Sure, who wouldn’t want to drive out to Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno or Biloxi but that’s not always feasible. Heck, why not play home games instead? When you choose PokerStars you get to download the software and play at home and what could be easier than that?

Not only can you play at home with pokerstars but there are so many options and benefits to choose from. Benefits such as exclusive events for women only, the biggest poker tournaments, award winning software that’s easy to use, a huge selection of games for anyone to enjoy, live events, a VIP club and more. The site is fully supported and safe to use so you don’t have to worry about Internet safety issues. In fact, they offer 24/7 live support so if you ever have any issues that need addressing, help is just a click away.

It’s a free download and there are tons of promotions to use for new players such as a sign up bonus that you can use towards games. There are promos for other users that are familiar with the site too such as the frequent player program and play with the pros. Those are just a couple of examples of the many promotional aspects available to players; old and new.

So if you’re ready to start having fun at home by playing poker and want to enjoy a little Texas Hold Em, Omaha or any of the other many versions, you should get started right away and play with the best there is.  In fact, you can even play with your friends and family at the same table! Give them a try and see why so many people enjoy playing poker at PokerStars.

Got My iPhone Baby Back

My baby is my iPhone. Rich broke his so I loaned him mine till his came in because he needs it for work and I work at home. I missed my iPhone way more than I ever thought I would. It's silly because it's a phone for Pete's sake but I honestly missed it terribly. The good news is that his came with a neat case I like and he found an Otter Box for his that was super duper cheap so I took the other hard case. Anyway, I am thrilled to have my baby back even if it is an inanimate object.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gibson SG Special

If you enjoy your music at the core of simplicity, without the frills, bells and whistles to get in the way then you'll love the Gibson SG Special. This guitar is your basic SG but it doesn't have all of the cosmetic applications that can hinder the way a song sounds. These guitars have a more raw and natural sound so that the player still has the SG they want but nothing to get in the way of the true sound.

For instance, on the Gibson SG Special the pickups are uncovered as opposed to the chrome covering on the regular SG's. This allows the guitar to have a more natural and authentic sound; something that can't be done as effectively when covered in chrome. So if you like it natural and true, you'll love the Gibson SG Special.

California Super Storm

All this talk of the California super storm reminds me of my favorite Tool song, Aenema. However, just so you know, I like my super storms, earthquakes and tornadoes on the big screen, not in real life. Anyway, here is the video to Aenema.

Crowd Control

A lot of times it's necessary for crowd control. Whether it's a parade like the Mardi Gras parade we have here locally or needing a velvet rope for a club.

In fact, there are plenty of barricades used during the Mardi Gras parade just to keep people in the crowd safe.

Did you know that you can even get printing done on retractable belts? What an innovative way to advertise while still keeping people safe from harm. While barricades and ropes may be annoying to some, it's there to keep you free from being hurt so they're definitely a necessity that everyone can use at some time or another.

My Ad in Times Square

I know, it's not really me there and it's just someone holding up a sign but I think it's super cool. Sure, I wish I was there there right now but since I can't be, at least my company name is. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Remote Control Fishing Boats

If you're looking for a new way to fish then you need to check out Remote Control Fishing Boats. These are unique because you are really fishing but use these as a fun and cool way to catch your fish. How it works is that you drive your bait around to a great spot and once the fish hit your bait the boat detaches from your pole so you can reel it in. You can use the RC Fishing Boat to take your line 200 to 300 feet out and catch fish you could never reach before. Catch any kind of fish this unique way and you won't even feel a hit to your wallet because the price is affordable. These would make a great gift as well!


Finally got two of my saltwater fish tanks back up to par. They were okay and all but not in pristine condition and now they are. I still have one more to have done next week but the other two look beautiful. I don't think they have looked that good since we first got them. Now I just need to stock them soon and we're all set for a while. Here is an old picture of one of them.

Friday, January 14, 2011

HMS Home Warranty

If you own a home it’s a good idea to have a home warranty and that’s where HMS Home Warranty comes in. They have a plan where you just pay the standard deductible on repairs but there’s even more. You get up to $50 per year if you are locked out of your house and need a locksmith and you also get an advantage for buying new appliances if you plan to upgrade. You also get to renew the warranty for as long as you own the house, which is really awesome. So it just makes sense to use HMS Home Warranty so you are prepared for life’s little emergencies.

Skipper Found a Home

The stray we found (that we named Skipper) found a good home last night. It was great because he really went to her and liked her, which is odd because he doesn't like people at first, even us. She has no pets, works at PetSmart and has no children. It's just her and her boyfriend. I had gotten really attached to him; both of us really and it was hard to give him up but it wasn't fair to make him be alone when the other dogs were out and they hated him. I'll miss him but he's better off now and hopefully will be happy. She is going to call me or e-mail me and let me know how he's doing.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trent Jordan Vancouver

 If you live in Canada then you most likely know about Trent Jordan Vancouver but if not then I’ll be more than happy to tell you all about it. Trent Jordan Vancouver allows people to find out where to go and what to see in Canada and the cool thing is that you don’t even have to be visiting there or a tourist to get all of the benefits. It’s kind of like having your own personal guide to show you around Canada. So if you live there and want to know the scoop or are visiting, you should check out Trent Jordan Vancouver and see everything there is to do.

It figures, Bonefish

The other night we went to Bonefish for our anniversary dinner. We had an excellent meal that was to die for (I love Bonefish anyway) but the service wasn't the greatest. However, the meal made up for it so that's fine. What figures is that yesterday we got a $10 gift card in the mail from them as an anniversary gift. I guess that just means we'll have to go back. ;) I just wish it'd come sooner and we could have used it the other night but hey, I sure don't mind eating there again. For a chain restaurant their food is outstanding.


WebVisible is a software company that helps small businesses grow on the web and get new customers. If you’re like me, you have to have a presence on the web and that’s where WebVisible comes in. They use all of their resources to help you out including fully managed search advertising, banner/display advertising, call tracking solutions, online videos and more. I have my own small business and I know just how important it is to be noticed on the Internet and let others be able to find you and your products or services; you really can’t run a successful web based business without getting seen and they can help you.


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