Friday, January 28, 2011

Over the Hill

I love parties, even though I'm not in my twenties anymore. In fact, I could probably use some of the items at Over the Hill. They have "over the hill" merchandise for all of your party needs and what is really cool is that you can shop by decade. It doesn't matter if the birthday guy or girl is in his or her 30's or 90's; you can choose a decade!

What else is neat is that they have free party advice and ideas. Like you can bake an older than dirt or Viagra cake! There are also birthday facts and gift ideas for the birthday person. There's even free stuff. When you place an order there are free items you get sent as a surprise. In fact, they don't even tell you what it is but it's party related and hey, it's free!

So the next time you want to plan a theme party based on someone's age, you need to visit Over the Hill and check out all their helpful gift ideas, party ideas and neat things to buy.

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