Friday, February 25, 2011

Sponsors and Advertisers Are an Integral Part of Media

Why are sponsors and advertisers an integral part of media? Well, think about it for a minute. If you blog then you know how important it can be to be seen by others and sometimes that happens through sponsored ads and advertisers. It’s a tradeoff where maybe you put an ad up in exchange for more viewership or a form of compensation. In another way it can be as simple as trading a link with another blogger that helps you out with more incoming links; which means you get ranked higher on the search engines.

So when you click on an ad or register for a promotion, you’re essentially helping another blogger out and in turn, helping the entire blogging industry out. Now this doesn’t mean you have to click every ad you see on someone’s blog but let’s say it’s something you’re already interested in. If so, why not click it from their site so that person gets some kind of credit for it or compensation? You’re simply looking at what you wanted to browse in the first place and it helps someone else out if you decide to complete your purchase.

Sponsored by: Yovia

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