Saturday, March 26, 2011

Great conversation, not so great service

Tonight we had a meeting so after the meeting we went out with some friends to a local barbecue establishment. The conversation was a blast. The service, not so much at first. One girl took our drink order and she was fine. The next girl came over for our food order and we told her another girl had gotten us and she told us that she was going to take the food order. So I ordered a burger as rare as they were allowed to not cook it. Rich decided on the same and she starts telling him how they can only do medium well and it's illegal to do otherwise. Well, we happen to know it's not illegal just that some restaurants do not choose to do it. Heck, at Maguires in Pensacola you can get a raw burger! She also kept looking at her watch and had an attitude.

So the manager comes over (we didn't call her over nor did we complain) and we mentioned the burgers. To make a long story short, we got 3 burgers, salads, extra sandwiches for our friends and salads, etc all for $7.00. She took everything else off of our bill and got our original server back. Oh and yes, I got a rare burger. :)

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