Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dead Eye Dicks

I am refraining from making this post about our service till I talk with someone so I shall talk about the food at Dead Eye Dicks. The food was awesome. My steak had a little too much fat but that is my only complaint.

  • The tea was some of the best ever.
  • I tried duck liver pate and loved it.
  • The duck and yam brioche was unreal. 
  • There was some kind of blackberry marscapone dessert that was like heaven in my mouth.
  • The grits with brisket, corn and cheese was out of this world.
  • I've had better bread but there was a variety of choices so that was nice.
Overall the food was superb and the gourmet salad bar was worth eating as an entree alone. As far as the service, that is what I am refraining commenting on for now. Let's see if someone can fix that. Speaking of bread, we've done quite well not eating white stuff but we did take a night off.

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