Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Would Not Make a Good Spy

I've never been great at keeping things to myself. This doesn't mean that you can't tell me a secret that I'll keep because if it's important, I won't tell. However, even as a little girl I'd tell petty secrets. One time I was told not to tell someone that we'd stopped for lunch. First thing I did when we got back is say that I wasn't supposed to tell them that we had lunch. LOL So I'm thinking that if I was ever a spy that it totally wouldn't work. All they'd have to do is threaten to yank out a tooth or pull out a fingernail and I'd tell them anything they wanted to know. Heck, God forbid they actually start on doing that. Now again, I can keep a serious secret. Just ask any of my friends. But petty stuff? I'm awful! I start running my mouth and everything comes out and just so you know, it's usually about myself. ;)

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