Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Almost Lost It

My coupon portfolio, that is. We had gone to Target and Winn Dixie on Wednesday and I'd taken it with me. I used coupons both places and didn't notice till tonight that it seemed to be missing. I looked everywhere and couldn't find it. I'd asked Rich if he remembered putting it in the truck but he couldn't. We finally called Winn Dixie where we'd shopped last but the guy I talked to said no one had turned it in.

Tonight we had to stop by there and pick up a couple of things and I thought I'd ask the manager there if he'd seen it. Turns out it was lost on Wednesday but he found it in a cart last night. I can't believe it's still there. This is no ordinary binder. It's an expensive leather thing with my business name engraved on it. I got it back in 2009 I think and was going to use it as a portfolio but never did because the pages aren't big enough to print correctly.

Anyway, it's back in my hands, safe and sound. Rich is also out of the doghouse; his quote not mine.

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