Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ready for the Weekend, Almost

Last weekend we did a ton of work in the backyard. Rich started cleaning the pool for the summer and believe me, it was a doozy. I cut the grass back there and like I said on Facebook, if you knew our backyard, it's hilly. It's hard as heck to cut back there because there are hills and valleys, woods in the middle of the yard, areas with dirt, etc. I thought I was going to have a heat stroke! LOL

Finally, about 3 hours later we were done. It seemed like much longer though. The yard is cut, the pool is clean and filling up, the deck is clean, I cleaned the fire pit, the hot tub is rinsed off (the top gets dusty since there's been little rain around here) and the whole thing looks great just in time for Memorial Day weekend. I plan to do what we always do and that's go in the pool and grill out. I can't wait!

PS I call the middle of our yard woods. It's this circular area that has trees in it. The dogs love going into the "woods" and playing. There used to be a pool right there when we moved in so the area is lower than the rest of the yard and over the years we had planted a few trees. Now they are really tall and it's like our mini-wooded area.

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