Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ektek Gadgetry

There an awesome site out there if you love the latest news on gadgets. Ektek Gadgetry has the latest news and information on all of your favorite electronics. From smartphones to tablets and notebooks, you can read all about the latest trends, news, advances and what is coming up for consumers.

They have a handy navigation menu that allows you to choose from the technology you're interested in. Let's say I want to read about advances or news in smartphones. All I have to do is to navigate to mobiles and smartphones and I can read the newest information that is available. Why do a search about gadgets when you have a spot to find everything you need?

The Trouble with Twins

We have twins - two Belgian Malinois born in the same sac. Supposedly this is somewhat rare and the pups will always be the same gender, etc. The trouble with it is that if Donner has an issue, Blitz gets it too. For instance, Donner had a sore on his hind end that we had to get cleared up where he had been licking it. No sooner did I get that cleared up when Blitz started licking himself too, to the point of making a small sore. Now we had to treat that one.

They'll also jump on the bed and scratch the same place at the same time or pee at the same time together. Those are the cute things; the problems are not cute because if one gets it the other simply must make sure he has the same problem.

We've had skint toes, a couple of small hot spots and just minor things that has to double. With that said, I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Here's an older picture of them doing what they love; swimming!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ultimate Traffic Dominator

Just got a lead on the Ultimate Traffic Dominator. What this does is get you traffic to your site so you can make more sells, get more views and have more people see your product or service.

What I like about it is how simple it seems. You don't have to know HTML (I do know some but I like that I don't have to use it) and you don't have to know how to program. This takes the guesswork out for many people and according to their site, you can get real targeted traffic the first day you use it.

Most of us know how hard it is to do effective SEO and this program says that you don't have to; they take care of all the traffic you'll need. Best of all, you can sign up for free.

My Latest Extreme Couponing Deal

I got my best deal yet tonight. I got almost $200 in dog treats, actually $170.43, for under $5. All I had to pay was the taxes. Kmart had the treats on sale for buy one get one free and I had coupons for buy one get one free. There is no store policy stating that you cannot use a free coupon on the free item so I called management first. Well, not only was it okay, management is the one that helped me find more of them. Plus, I asked that he not give me everything so others would not find an empty shelf. Plus, I got two $10 coupons and two $5 coupons we can use after July 5th so I actually made money. Oh and I am calling the Humane Society tomorrow to donate some of the treats.

Then we went to Pet Supermarket and I got dog food and cat food that was regular $20 and I paid around $5 with the coupons.

Not a bad day at all and it makes me feel better about not finding my razors still. Every time I call CVS they are still out of them.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Multi-Level Marketing

I love the freedom of being able to work from home and I was just sent a new multi level marketing package that may be an answer to many people wanting to do the same thing. Now I haven't tried it yet but it seems to be a great MLM opportunity for those looking to make income at home.

Like anything else, you have to check out the site for yourself but it's free to look. You just enter your email, name and phone number and give it a look to see if it is for you or not. Not every program out there is for everyone but people have made tons of money from working at home so here is another opportunity that may be right for you.

Let me know if you check it out and how it went because I love to hear success stories.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swag Bucks

Well, I am trying this out after seeing all of my friends use it so here goes. If you want to join up you can click the image below. I just joined and already have 51 points so we'll see how it goes. :)

Search & Win

Monday, June 20, 2011

The DoveStand

The DoveStand is an innovative handmade iPad stand that is not only strong but has the ability to showcase your iPad or iPad 2 within a walnut design that you'll love.

The DoveStand is made in the United States and what is especially unique is the design. It is capable of holding up to 200 lbs so that you know your iPad will be safe and secure. You can use it to watch videos and movies or use it to follow recipes while standing in your kitchen. Now you don't have to worry about trying to view what is on the screen while you cook or do other things. This gorgeous stand solves all of those problems in a style that incorporates one of the most luxurious and expensive American hardwoods used today.

Check out this unique wooden iPad stand and see if it's the answer to your iPad stand problems.

My New Headset

Since I work at a job now where I have to call people for estimates, they sent me the nicest headset. I picked it out and so far, it rocks. It's a Plantronics .Audio 995 Wireless Stereo Headset and I love that it's not only wireless but you can pull up the mic to make it mute automatically. I also love not being tethered to my desk. Although I make my calls from here, I like that I can move around and not have to hold a regular phone. If you need a good headset, Plantronics makes some awesome products and this one is no exception. You wouldn't believe how it paired up so nicely with the wireless. All I had to do is plug in the wireless USB connector and turn on the headset.  That's it, zero set up. I linked it in case anyone wants to see. Great price too!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Steam Team

If you live in Austin and are looking to rent a carpet cleaner, why not consider using a professional? With having a professional steam clean your carpets, not only do you save the headache of doing it yourself but you get a professional job that can't compare to doing it yourself.

Many times it's hard to find Austin carpet cleaning solutions that fit your budget and your lifestyle but honestly, do you have the time to do it yourself? You can have someone come in and do it for you, move your furniture, pre-treat spots, and apply protectant that can ensure that your carpet stays cleaner longer.

They also handle much more such as fire and water damage, air duct cleaning and more. If you need your carpets looking like new, call and see what they can do for you.

Go Figure

Today I was up really early because I had something to do around 8:00 or so. Then I decided to do some work since I can call the east coast bids earlier. I got done and did a few more things and decided to go in the pool. For once, the water was so warm and clear and it was heavenly. However, there were many leaves. So I had just enough time to clear out the hundreds of leaves and find Blitz's sunken ball he bit a hole in before it started pouring down rain. If only I'd gone a few minutes earlier. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stainless Steel Sinks

Most people that know us know we love do it yourself projects so it is no surprise that we’ve done our own sink in the kitchen. Not only do you save money, you get the product that you want and picked out yourself without having to wait on someone else to do the job. Undermount Kitchen Sinks are a great addition to any kitchen. Not only are they functional but they’re nice to look at and enjoy using.

An Undermount Kitchen Sink can come in a variety of styles but I personally love the stainless steel ones. Granted, the one we have is an off-white color; kind of an extremely light beige. I love it too and to be honest, I like both styles. However, when we do need another sink I am seriously considering the stainless steel because I love how they clean up. Years ago when I was in high school I used to help out at a condominium and they had stainless steel sinks. They were so easy to clean and looked so nice when you were done. I don’t know when we may need another sink but I do know that I love looking at them and picking out what I’d like to have.

Getting Up Earlier/Stormy Weather

Since my new job I have had to get up earlier than usual but I am enjoying it. The hard part is trying to get to bed earlier though. I have the hardest time with that part and it makes it harder to get up on time. Some days I just stay up all night but I do try to go to bed, like last night.

Speaking of last night, we finally had rain. We had a pretty intense storm with tons of thunder and lightning but fortunately, we didn't lose power or have any damage. I did hear of a little bit of damage at other places near here and they lost power too. I'm glad we didn't, I was watching a show. I'm just thankful for the rain though; we sure needed it and you all know how much I like storms.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spirit Mind

If you want to have a better life and have wondered about self help sites, you should check out Spirit Mind. Spirit Mind is a site where you can learn all about all things of the mind, body and spirit and a touch of everything else. There is information on personal development, personal thoughts, exoteric consulting, mind, spirit and even spiritual events. It's a place where you can further your experience into having a better life and raising up your well being into something that is helpful to your growth as a person.

There is a lot of information there that most anyone can use and if you're really looking for something different that can help you grow, this is the site to visit.


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