Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yesterday Sucked

I know I'm not supposed to whine on my blog because frankly, who wants to hear that? However, yesterday sucked so bad that I figured I can and besides, it is my blog.

First of all, our new 55" TV broke the other night. Okay, so it's under warranty. However, it will be about Thurs. before he even calls and then he has to wait for the part (we think it's the motherboard because it's not the back light) and then he can schedule to come out. So for now, we have the 32" and no stereo, Xbox, etc.

Then we had to take Rich's truck to be fixed and hey, it's under warranty too. However, the costs we have to pay outside of the warranty is almost $200. So I got paid for a writing job and it all went to that. Yay!

Top it all off with a not guilty verdict for Casey Anthony and then me having some kind of cold with a runny nose and sneezing and that day sucked it. Hopefully today is better. Rant over.

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