Friday, August 5, 2011

Best Buy, You Are Dead to Me...Maybe

We've had the worst experience with Best Buy the last couple of days. To make a horrendously long story short, there was a sale on Google Nexus S phones. Regular $699, for one day only they were free. All we had to do was extend our contract.

We show up, they try to give us the phones, manager of mobile dept says they can't because they don't have contracts for T-Mobile; we can get them sent at home. Call the BB main number to see if they have some. They do not but the store will honor the free price.

Call the next day to see if they have any in yet and was told now that they can't even order them.

Manager said she'd fix it for us. Called and said if they couldn't get them by Sat. we could have the phones in the cabinet.

Called today to see if they had any; guy says no but calls me back a half hour later and says to come pick up the phones they have there.

We go there. Mobile manager says we cannot have them. We talk to the store manager. He calls manager that set this up (they even had our names on them) and she didn't know they couldn't sell them.

Now we are waiting till they can order us some. Sheesh! Talk about miscommunication. This isn't the whole story but it's so long that I didn't even want to type it all out.

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