Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Linknami is an awesome site that helps you advertise your business. Online advertising is a huge business where you can't afford not to take advantage of it. What is really great about this site is that you can advertise on specific pages that relate to what you are selling. It's all in real time and profits from social media traffic that new pages create when when they go viral on social networks.

To make it easier to understand, let's say you want to promote your latest dog nutrition product and a pet expert with a lot of followers and fans posts a review about dog food on his blog. You will get notified via email the very second the post is online, and before it goes viral you can write an ad that targets specifically the readers of this blog post for example "Try the incredible nutritional food product, discounts available for the first 10 orders". This ad would most likely beat all Google Adsense ads in terms of ROI because it is much more targeted while you are paying a lower fee.

Now how awesome is that when it comes to advertising? You get targeted ad space by your ad being seen by the very people that you want it to be seen by. It makes sense for you to choose an advertiser that knows that much about targeted ads. Plus, their site has free tools that you can use as well as publisher tools. Check them out and see why it's in your best interest to use their service. It doesn't matter if you want to advertise your site or take advantage of blog advertising; they can help you get the best results.

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