Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The importance of establishing a business relationship with clients

The importance of establishing a business relationship with clients, rather than a disconnected, meaningless transaction is as simple as a visit to Starbucks. You may wonder how Starbucks falls into this equation but take a moment to think about it. 

Starbucks prides themselves on creating a sense of family in their stores. While you might love the coffee choices Starbucks offers, there are plenty of other coffee shops and most are probably less expensive. So why do people keep coming back to Starbucks? 

It may seem that Starbucks has a store on every corner and that makes them convenient. It is also one of the most recognizable names in the world so there is the familiarity factor and brand recognition. However, think about the real reason you keep going back. If you are a regular patron, the barista not only knows your name but also knows what type of drink you love. That is exactly the type of relationship your clients need from your company. 

When you conduct a one-time transaction with no regard to treating that client like “family” then they will not feel close to your company and want to return. However, when you establish a business relationship, you are creating a bond with that company. When you generate this type of rapport, the company will remember you and think of your business when they are ready to commit to another transaction.

You have to ensure that any company that does business with you feels like that can trust you and your business. In fact, if they think of you like a “friend” or as a member of the family they will be more inclined to not only utilize your services but also spread the word about you. This bond will become stronger as you and your clients interact and think about it, you want your clients to think of your company the same way many patrons think of Starbucks – a place to feel welcome, to get excellent service and a place that is familiar.

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