Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Large Family

Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence

Having a large family is something that’s always been really important to me but I feel like my wife and I may be in for more of a long haul than we thought. We’ve been trying for four years and though we have my beautiful daughter now I know it’s going to be hard getting pregnant again. We’ve bee doing all the fertility and stuff and our priorities have totally shifted to stuff like Home Security Family online companies and ovulation calendars when it used to be about weekend trips and football games. I guess that’s what becoming a parent does to you and you know, I can’t say it was a bad decision for us. We always knew we wanted to start our family young and now that we’re having so much trouble getting pregnant I sure am glad we did so we’ve got more time to try. My wife is a real trooper, too, and I think that if anyone deserves a medal it’s got to be her. I love you honey, if you’re reading this!

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