Friday, December 16, 2011

Last Day and Ship Life

We sailed home on Wed and came back Thursday. During our time on the ship we saw some shows as usual. The variety show had the cutest dancer but don't they always have one very hot dancer? He was adorable! We saw a couple of comedians and that was fun. At the R Rated comedy show one of the comedians told Rich he looked like Ron Jeremy. Poor Rich! He doesn't but it was still funny.

The last day the waves were pretty high but not super high, just high for what I like. I never got sick since I had my patches but the first day I was a tad woozy. Once you get used to it it's fine. I took some video of the waves and will post it when I have time. And again, they weren't that huge but big enough that it was hard to walk on the boat at times but it's always like that in the Atlantic when we have gone.

The food was good as usual but it seemed like on other cruises there was more to do. Maybe they changed some stuff. They still had variety shows, comedy shows, game shows, etc just not as many it seemed. The private party for past cruisers was nice because you get free hors devours and drinks. I think I had like 6 drinks and I rarely drink anymore. Rich had a couple or so but made the joke that he was the designated driver. That was fun. I also finished the new Stephen King book on my Kindle. I could barely put it down!

We drove home today and it's sure nice to be here. I have a ton of stuff to get caught up on but it's nice to be back. Pictures to come when I have time. :)

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