Friday, December 16, 2011

Trip - Day one, etc.

We finally made it back off of our trip. The day we drove down was a pain because I hate that long drive but we made it. I think we left around 1 or 2 and got there about 10 pm. That's with stopping here and there too.

Our hotel was beautiful. They had upgraded us to a King suite so we had a jacuzzi, separate living room and dining room and all for the same price. We were able to park there and take a shuttle to the port. The Orlando port is my favorite (other than the drive) but this time we were at a temporary port area since they are building a new one.

We got on the ship and was supposed to sail out at 4 PM but there was a lot of port traffic so I think we didn't leave till around 6 PM or later. After we got our luggage we had one bag missing and come to find out it was confiscated by security. It turns out that we had brought bottled water, which is fine. They had tagged it to make sure it wasn't liquor. LOL I was annoyed though cause they go through your bag then you have to pack it back and take it to your room. Let's just say that security was a little over zealous this time.

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