Thursday, January 12, 2012

Identity Theft Protection

Recently I changed bank accounts. It was such a huge pain to do because everyone had to be notified. I have a paycheck that still hasn't come yet and a few places that pay me that I haven't gotten yet because it was too late to stop them. Now think about what you would do if your identity was stolen and you had to deal with not only the hassle of getting everything back in order but losing your money, credit rating and identity.

That is where IdentityHawk comes in. They provide identity theft protection for people like you and me. They give you an Identity Health Score, which calculates your risk for fraud - and in real time! It scans the Internet for fraud and alerts you to anything you should be aware of and you can look over your alerts on your personalized dashboard. Top all of that off with a 30 day free trial and you have something that can benefit everyone in this age of digital theft.

Your identity is one of the most important things you can have when it comes to doing just about anything. From buying a home to getting a new job, you need to ensure that your identity is safe and you can do it all with Identity Hawk.

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