Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sons of Guns

The article written by Victor Flowers

My husband works for the government in a crime lab. He is in the firearms division so he knows a lot about guns. Every day at work he gets to test fire weapons that have been confiscated as evidence from crime scenes. I am pretty sure that he feels like he is just playing at work every day. Since he started this job, he loves reading books about guns and watching tv shows about guns. We have Expert Satellite so he is able to watch a new show called “Sons of Guns.” The show is about these guys who custom make firearms for their customers. They come up with the craziest types of new guns to use for the most interesting things. One time they mounted a shotgun to the bottom of a machine gun to help law enforcement to breach doors. Most of the time I think that it is not a good idea to bring work home, but my husband loves his job so much that he is always happy to talk about work even when he is home. I guess it is good to have a job that is so interesting!

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