Monday, February 13, 2012


If you own a website and want the ability to interract with customers then you should check out ChatWing. What is unique about ChatWing is that you can install it on to your site and not only talk to your customers but generate revenue as well. You do this by getting ad revenue while you are chatting with them. This is perfect for people that have a lot of traffic to their site. In fact, if you run a forum you might want to try this as well since customers or online users would be able to talk in real time instead of leaving a message. Check out some of the benefits of ChatWing:

  • Embed ChatWing on your website to engage your visitors.
  • Integration is quick and simple.
  • ChatWing is 100% free.
  • Generate ad revenue as your visitors communicate.
  • Improve your click-through rate with precision ad targeting.
  • Join a Chat Network to link your chat with others from around the web.
  • Visitors can join the conversation by logging in with their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Users who want to remain anonymous can login as a guest.
  • Utilize the power of social media to promote your website as users share chat content on Facebook and Twitter.
  • feature allows users to respond to each other directly.
This is a great tool for anyone that wants to talk to their customers or users in a more personal manner.

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