Friday, February 10, 2012

Tech Guru

Thanks for the post, Kathy Shelton

My husband is the technology guru of the family so we spent a lot of time bonding as a family unit in front of the TV or the computer. It's actually really nice because when a holiday rolls around we always know what to get him… The latest and greatest gadget always makes him light up. Last year I looked up direct tv for ipad to see what the options were because he is really into the NFL which seems strange for someone who is such a techie nerd like him but I guess he is multifaceted like anyone else. It's really nice that he has been able to teach our children some lessons that will be useful once they graduate high school - I didn't even know what computer programming was this time last year but apparently they are both fluid at it! It's always nice to have an IT person in the family so that when your computer breaks or your iPod goes out you don't have to necessarily make a trip to Best Buy.

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