Thursday, March 29, 2012

Crowd Control

Have you ever been to a parade where there were barricades? Or perhaps you've been to a fast food restaurant with stanchions and a velvet rope. Those are all forms of crowd control. In fact, an easier way to look at it is picture your last theme park visit. You probably saw a myriad of crowd control mechanisms. Regardless of where you see them, they serve a very important purpose.

Crowd control items make sure that people stay in order at anything or event that has a line. For instance, a line at a bank, a line at a concert or sporting event or even as simple as a fast food restaurant line. The stanchions are great because you can adjust them to meet your needs. The retractable belts or velvet ropes ensure that it looks nice, yet keeps things orderly.

Whether it's barricades, stanchions or velvet rope - you've probably seen plenty of crowd control products in your everyday life.

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