Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Tires

New tires

Written by Fermin Washington

When I finally got around to having enough money to buy new tires, the ones on my car were just about totally worn out. We live in New York, and my kids are involved in so many different things that I spend a lot of my day just being a taxi service for them. My husband happened to drive my car the other day. When he came home he told me that my tires were getting too dangerous for us to be riding around on and that I needed to get new ones as soon as possible. So the next Saturday, we went to the tire store. The man that worked there told me it would be a couple hours before they would be finished with the car because there were a few customers ahead of me. So we walked next door and got some lunch and then came back to read all the old magazines they had in the waiting room. I was bored and was walking around and noticed a website for T1 Bronx on one of the store’s computers. I thought they must be planning to upgrade their internet service. But, I was actually trying to see if I could tell where we were in line for the tires. After probably another hour they were finally finished with my car, and we were on our way.

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