Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Robbie Velez and The Key To Rocket City

I love YA books. I mean, I've devoured the Harry Potter series, the Hunger Games and don't hate me, Twilight. Well, I was recently sent an author's series called Robbie Velez and the Key to Rocket City. This is a series about a futuristic dystopia and well, if you know me at all then you know I'm a huge fan of the dystopian types of books and movies.

Robbie Velez and the Key to Rocket City is about a young boy that many can relate to but I want you to read the synopis yourself and see what I mean about how exciting it is:

Are Robbie's real parents still alive? Dark dreams haunt the high school freshman from the future as he discovers his parents are not who they claim to be. Robbie's memory continues to block anything before his move to the mechanical Rocket City.

Robbie and his newfound friends must survive their first year and discover the truth about a mysterious past that unites them. After the deadly Cyborg War ended with victory for the humans, America is still worried that the new government cannot be trusted to keep them safe or free. Robbie and his friends find out why for themselves.

Join four special teens on an action-packed ride full of
mystery, humor and suspense!
See what I mean? Check it out for yourself!

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