Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Book Marketing with Social Media

In today’s competitive world of marketing, it can be difficult to bring traffic to your eBook if you do not have an idea of what you are doing. Sure, you can hire a marketing firm or consultant but not everyone has the expendable cash to do that. While there are many ways to drive traffic to your eBook, not all of them are free of charge. This article only focuses on free or low cost ways to get more viewers of your book and remember, more viewers equals more chances to have more readers and sell more copies.
           Social Marketing. It may seem like everyone is jumping on the social marketing bandwagon but there is a reason for that. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are excellent resources to utilize because you can set up an account free and get people who will not only follow you but will also visit your eBook and share it with others. Even sites like MySpace and YouTube are ways that you can make your name more known to the public. For example, you can make videos about your eBook and even if you have no clue of what to put in a video, you can make a collage of still prints that you can make into a video. Remember; where there is a will, there is a way.
      Link Exchanges. While Google and other search engines have a specific algorithm that most people may not understand, it is still important to have the link to your book out there in as many places as possible. When you exchange links with someone, the link to your eBook is now on their site and shows up as an incoming link to your URL. This is a good way of ensuring more hits on Google and a higher ranking. This is why the sites mentioned above such as Facebook and YouTube are important. You simply link to the address of your eBook and by using specific keywords, you get more visitors. For instance, if you write books about historic romance then you want to use keywords accordingly, no matter what site you are utilizing.

These are just a couple of examples of ways to market that do not cost you anything but a little of your time. Keep in mind that you may have to work at this to cause it to make a difference but by spending a little bit of time on this project each day, your eBook will have more traffic without costing you one cent.

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