Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dog Park Equipment

Dog parks are incredibly popular and we even have a couple here locally. If you do own a dog park or even have a doggy daycare then you'll want to check out the awesome dog exercise equipment I found. It's so neat that I wish I had my own dog park in my backyard!

You can get the doggie crawl, dog walk, hoop jump and more as well as the Fido and Me fountain, dog waste receptacles and even a leash post. Everything you could possibly imagine for a dog to enjoy is right there. What is even better is that each product is created with weather resistant, slip resistant materials so you don't have to worry about your doggy guest's safety.

There are even doggy themed picnic tables that your human guests will adore. So whether you have a dog park, a doggy playground or just want to add something to your backyard that can help your dog exercise, everything is available in one convenient place.

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MTReels said...

More Dog park equipment from another manufracturer, Dog-On-It-Parks, can be found at www.dog-on-it-parks.com.
Lots of agility equipment plus some fun natural looking logs and stumps and rocks.


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