Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Parties and Invitations

A few years ago we threw some parties. We had a housewarming/anniversary party and a birthday party for our dogs. Both turned out great but wouldn’t have been possible without invitations. I mean sure, we could have had our parties but no one would have known to come.

For our anniversary/housewarming party we had quite a crowd and I totally loved it. We spent all day preparing hors d'oeuvres and party food. It was then that we realized that two microwaves would have been helpful when warming up things. (In fact, we eventually did get two of them) We had family and friends over and we had even picked out the music to be played – a concert from the Eagles. We figured that was safe because it was something people could watch or listen to without distracting them or being offensive in any way.

For our dog party we only invited family over but it was such fun. We sent out birthday invitations that had dogs on them. We bought the dogs a special doggy cake to eat and decorated our house. I even have pictures of the party around here. I should scan them and add them to my photo collection. Anyway, the dogs got tons of presents and seemed to really enjoy it. I’m not sure if they even know what a party is but they knew that there were family members over, they had fun food and treats to eat and best of all, they got presents.

The point is, you can make the best party plans and it can fall apart if you don’t have invitations sent out. You can call people and invite them but if they don’t have something as a reminder, they tend to forget. Don’t let your celebration, party or event go unnoticed – make sure you have the right invitations that people will remember.

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