Monday, April 9, 2012

Things I'm Scared Of

Here are a few things I am scared of. You know, just for the record and all. :)

  • Clowns - they hide behind makeup and masks and judging by that nightmare I had of them when I was a little girl - trees, too.
  • Palmetto bugs - if you are from the south then you know them. If not, picture a huge, flying roach right from the depths of hell itself.
  • Possessed people - granted, I have never seen a possessed person in real life but I've seen you all on television and movies and no thank you! Just stay wherever you are and when you're fixed, well heck, just stay where you are.
  • Old timey music - Like those old songs where the guy sings through a megaphone or something and it's all warbly. Or that Aloutte song on the Target commercial. Or When Johnny Comes Marching Home sang by these crows back when I was little. It was some kind of record and it was sang by crows - I kid you not. And Tiptoe through the Tulips like in that movie, "Insidious."
That's my list. Now just imagine a possessed clown playing old music with palmetto bugs as pets and you have my perfect nightmare.

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