Friday, May 25, 2012

70's Books

There are a few books I'm looking for that I read as a child. I've found a few and many are scholastic books. However, I can't quite find the others and some of them I'm unclear of the titles, etc.

Found: Irma's Big Lie and What the Witch Left

Not found:
This book I thought was called The Squirrel That Went to Church but the only thing I can find is The Chipmunk That Went to Church. Heck, maybe it was a chipmunk - the dates are right at least.

Something I thought was called Summer Friends. This one had a horse I think and it was about two girls who were close friends but one was from France I think. I could be wrong.

This book about a ghost cat. I know, that's a lot to go on.

These books about famous people and their childhoods. I remember reading about Annie Oakley and Betsy Ross but when I look online I find many that can be the books I want.

So, while it's easy to get all of the Judy Blume books, and I have, these are much harder to find. I also used to read Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys and Little House on the Prairie but all of those are fairly simple to locate.

Oh, there is also one that may be more in the early 80's about a girl whose sister has leukemia and all I remember is that she didn't like her sister's boyfriend or husband and her sister got nosebleeds a lot. I think she eventually died.

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